On our wedding day

Thank you for stopping by!  I'm Christine and I'm a new homeowner on Long Island, NY.  Only ever having lived in apartments my whole life, I'm beyond excited to have a place of my own to completely decorate (hello, painting walls - apartment dwellers know what I'm talking about) and continually improve to fit our ever-changing needs as a new family.

To me, decorating a home has never just been about making it look nice.  It's always been about making it function to the best of its abilities, which in turn, allows memories to be made in it more easily.  I have a real "problem-solver's" approach to decorating.  What is the issue with how things are currently laid out?  Does clutter always accumulate in the same spot?  Is there not enough seating in a specific room?  Does the paint color in this room best invoke the emotions we want people to feel when they're in it?  This blog will chronicle my attempts to decorate our home in the most practical way possible (without breaking the bank).

I'm not afraid to re-purpose a room or a piece of furniture, in the interest of making the home look and function better as a whole.  I'm super-flexible in my decorating style and I never get tired of trying new layouts or furniture options to find the best fit.  I hope you'll stick around to follow the progress and share your ideas/feedback with me!

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